CaseCracker: Onyx

CaseCracker Onyx Interview Management System


Download CaseCracker Onyx Spec Sheet

CaseCracker Onyx is an enterprise-class, network-based Interview Management System designed for larger law enforcement agencies.

Interviews are recorded directly to the CaseCracker server and stored in a compressed form.  Flags and annotations can be added during and after recording, by any authorized user; additionally, flags can be added directly by the interviewer using a covert wireless key fob.

After the interview, video, audio, still images and other reports can be quickly and easily exported from CaseCracker in standard, non-proprietary formats.  Users can easily burn excerpts of interviews to DVD for playback in off-the-shelf consumer DVD players, and transcription of interviews is made easy with CaseCracker’s export of WAV files.

CaseCracker Onyx is:

  • Network-based: The system is based around a “headless” server, which performs recording, secure hashing, indexing, storage and streaming.  All cameras, mics, switches, etc. connect to the server over a secure isolated network.  In a similar manner, the user interface into the system is from a client application over the network.
  • Distributed: Multiple CaseCracker Onyx servers in different locations can communicate with each other and perform distributed searching.
  • Robust: The system is built with numerous redundancies throughout, so no single point of failure exists that could stop the ability to record new content or access previously stored content

Each Interview Room Contains:

  • Two high definition IP cameras (either covert or overt)
  • Two digital microphones
  • A start/stop switch with a discreet interior recording light
  • An exterior recording light
  • A wired flag switch

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