CEDAR: SE-1 Speech Enhancer

CEDAR SE-1 Speech Enhancer


Police, security and counter-terrorism forces require covert audio surveillance systems that are rugged while remaining as small and light as possible. They must be simple to operate and able to run on batteries as well as mains power so that they can (literally) be used in the field when necessary.

Designed following consultation with numerous forces and agencies, the CEDAR SE-1 Speech Enhancer satisfies all of these criteria.

It offers two channels of advanced filtering and speech enhancement in a small device that sits immediately between the probes (microphones) and the headphones. It offers minimal latency and the simplest possible controls, and has a 12V power input that allows it to run on mains or battery power, all of which make it ideal for covert surveillance and rapid tactical response.

CEDAR SE 1 equipment caseSupplied in its own rugged case, the SE-1 itself is small enough to fit into your pocket, yet its advanced audio processing capabilities allow field operatives to monitor audio, reduce noise and improve the listenability of audio captured in adverse conditions. It’s flexible too. The SE-1 integrates easily with other equipment using either analogue or digital inputs and outputs, and incorporates two independent headphone outputs for live monitoring directly from the unit itself. You can use a single SE-1 to monitor two microphones in a single location, or two listeners can monitor single microphones in separate locations, or you can take the input from a single source and create two output signals – the untreated audio and the filtered audio – so that courts and investigators can hear both the original sound and the filtered version.

The SE-1’s audio processing is far more sophisticated than that of conventional noise reduction products, offering two simultaneous processes that maximise listenability and intelligibility. The first is a powerful noise suppressor based upon CEDAR’s ground-breaking FNR forensic noise reduction system. The second is a dynamic signal enhancement filter optimised to reveal the speech yet further, and which incorporates a limiter to avoid output clipping distortion if a sudden loud sound occurs when monitoring an otherwise quiet signal.

Uses for the SE-1 include:

  • improving signal quality and intelligibility during live surveillance
  • enhancing the clarity of real-time communications
  • making transcription easier and more accurate


Key Features of the SE-1:

  • A unique speech enhancement process
  • Super-fast setup and control
  • Small, light and portable
  • Analogue and digital I/O
  • Dual independent headphones outputs
  • 12V power



  • Two linkable channels of CEDAR processing
  • Floating point processor, 2.4 GFLOP/s, 40-bit resolution
  • Sample rate: 44.1kHz


AD/DA conversion

  • 24-bit linear PCM
  • Sample rate 44.1kHz


Line input

  • Connector: RCA
  • Impedance: >22kΩ
  • Nominal signal level (0dB gain): -10dBV
  • Clipping level (0dB gain): +4dBV
  • Dynamic range (0dB gain): >100dB (AES17, A weighted)
  • THD+N (0dB gain): <0.01%
  • Maximum gain: +20dB
  • Minimum gain: -6dB
  • Max input level (-6dB gain): +10dBV


Digital input

  • Connector: RCA
  • Format: SPDIF (IEC60958)
  • Sample rate sync. range: 40kHz – 50kHz
  • Maximum gain: +6dB
  • Minimum gain: -20dB


Line output

  • Connector: RCA
  • Nominal signal level: -10dBV
  • Maximum output: +4dBV
  • Dynamic range: >100dB (AES17, A weighted)
  • THD+N: <0.01%
  • Output impedance: 150Ω
  • Minimum load impedance: 2kΩ
  • Short circuit protection: Indefinite


Digital output

  • Connector: Unbalanced RCA
  • Format: SPDIF (IEC60958)
  • Sample rate (internal sync): 44.1kHz (+/-50ppm)
  • Sample rate (external sync): locked to SPDIF input


Headphone output

  • Connector: 6.35mm stereo jack
  • Maximum output power: 90mW into 32Ω @ 1.7VRMS
  • Dynamic range: >100dB (AES17, A weighted)
  • THD+N: <0.05% into 32Ω @ 1VRMS (32mW)
  • Minimum load impedance: 16Ω
  • Short circuit protection: Indefinite



  • 8VDC to 17.5VDC (nominal 12V)
  • Power consumption: 4W typical
  • Mains operation (85VAC – 250VAC, 50-60Hz) via supplied UK/US/EU/AUS 12V adapter



  • Dimensions: 164mm x 110mm x 44mm
  • Weight: <500g