DataDirect Networks: SFA12K-20E

GRIDScaler Appliance
Easy to Deploy, All-in-One Scalable File Storage Appliance

  • Turn-Key Appliance
  • Scalability
    • Leverages both scale-out& scale-up concepts
    • Scales beyond 10PB
  • Reduces management overhead by eliminating complex storage gateways& networking
  • High Availability& Reliability with no single point of failure
  • Up to 200GB/second of streaming
  • 100,000s of file operations/second
  • Integrated HSM& Backup to automate ILM
  • Mix of client& data management options to deliver rapid ROI& eliminate management overhead
  • File Storage Attributes
    • Client Access
      • Native LINUX& Windows Clients
      • Highly Available NFS v3
    • Client Connectivity
      • 16 x 10/40GbE Host Port or 16 x 56Gb Infiniband Host Port
      • Client to Gateway Load Balancing
      • Many to One& One to Many Client to Gateway Access
    • Volume Scalability
      • Up to 2.3PBs of Usable Capacity (840 drives)
      • Optional Metadata accelerator drives
      • Over 10PB of Aggregated Capacity
    • Performance
      • 20GB/s per system (read& write)
    • Scale-Out
      • Add additional systems to the Configuration network for automatic storage scaling
    • Data Protection
      • RAID 6 (8 2)
      • Metadata: RAID 60
      • 256 Snapshots per file system
      • DirectProtect Data Integrity
      • Synchronous File System Replication
    • Data& Systems Management
      • DirectMon – Centralized configuration& monitoring solution
      • Online File System Growth
      • Object-Based File Locking
      • Monitoring& Event Notification System
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