JPS Communications: ACU-2000 IP

IP Interoperability Gateway

  • System Joins Disparate Voice Communication Systems
    • Allowing them to be flexibly connected together, monitored, & controlled over an IP network via an intuitive graphical user interface (included)
  • Includes SIP interfaces to digitally converge existing radio systems with SIP telephones, softphones, & other devices
  • Brings all of the advantages of the open-standards SIP protocol to radio systems & adds radio functionality to SIP networks
  • Modular, Completely Scalable, & Field Configurable
  • Retains all of the features of the ACU-1000& adds SIP capabilities that allow your SIP-based systems or individual SIP endpoint, such as SIP phones or softphone, to be included in interoperable conferences
  • Features:
    • Connects SIP VoIP devices to radios
    • Two-Way Radio users have access to advanced features, including:
      • Ability to directly call telephone extensions
      • Call Forwarding
      • Call Logging
      • Call Recording
    • Connects up to 12 Audio Devices
      • Ability to expand to 24 Audio Devices
    • Audio Devices that can be Interconnected include radios in any band, including:
      • HF
      • VHF
      • UHF
      • P25
      • 800 Trunked
      • Cellular
      • Landline PSTN
      • iDEN Nextel
    • Connect SIP, Telephone, or Radio Systems at Multiple Sites across an IP Network
    • Sophisticated DSP Algorithms provide Adaptive Hybrid, VOX, VMR (voice modulation recognition), Noise Reduction, Audio Delay, & more
    • Radio Templates for supported devices Simplify& Speed system setup
    • Connection to a Wide Area Interoperability System (WAIS) via IP using the WAIS Controller Software
      • Its distributed network design ensures continuity of local operations in the event of network failure
    • Remotely Change Radio Channel with the purchase of channel changing option
Weight 30.00 lbs
Dimensions 11.00 × 19.00 × 5.25 in
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# of Channels

12 Channels