L-3 Cyterra: Range-R Link

Embedded wireless capability for Range-R Thru-Wall Radar System for Human Detection


Allows Range-R users to virtually eliminate their exposure to the danger zone surrounding the building by wirelessly transmitting Range-R data from unit to mp3 device over 100 meters away

  • Enables Range-R to be mounted on a monopod (included), strategically positioned against a wall, & operated/monitored remotely from a safe location
  • Offers distances of at least 100 meters away
  • App enables remotely controlling Range-R scans
    • Unit can be left for an extended period with occasional scanning of the building interior
  • Speeds up team communication
    • Dedicated WiFi net permits other team members to simultaneously view same information as the operator
  • Up to 4 Range-R Link displays can be viewed from the same remote display (mp3 device)
  • System Includes:
    • Range-R Link Sensor
    • Range-R Link Monopod
    • Pocket-sized remote display (mp3 device)
      • Specially programmed Apple iPod Touch or similar mp3 player – other options available
  • Range-R Link is available as a new system or as an upgrade to existing Range-R units

Weight 1.50 lbs
Dimensions 2.70 × 4.00 × 8.90 in
Product Type

Max Detection Distance


Available in colors