K&G Spectrum : SR-0303-MP

Compact, High-Reliability, Doppler Milimeterwave Radar

  • Generates a well-defined search beam & converts the captured radar reflections of real-world targets into electrical signals
    • Accurate & consistent determination of the range of detected targets
    • Inherent immunity to interference, jamming, & emissions from other radar units
    • Low emission, virtually undetectable by conventional radar detectors or scanners
  • Signal Processing Module analyzes the return signal of each target and alarms only on targets that exceed a user-defined threshold
    • A programmable alarm-condition counter provides a simple but effective means of preventing false alarms
  • Interface Unit supports two-way communication with the Radar Unit and has optional GPS
  • Features:
    • Millimeter Wave
    • Spread Spectrum Technology
    • Doppler Radar
    • High Gain Antenna
    • Low Radiated Power
  • Benefits:
    • Small Size
    • Immune to Environmental Changes
    • Immune to Interference
    • Multiple Sensors
    • Location Capability
    • Adjustable Range
    • Low Side & Back Lobes
    • Harmless to Humans
    • SR-0303-MP
      • 3dB Beamwidth:
Weight 12.00 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 13.00 × 13.00 in
Product Type

Max Detection Distance


Available in colors