CEDAR: Cambridge

CEDAR Cambridge Audio Processing System


From the most powerful speech enhancement for audio forensics and security to the most demanding high-volume restoration and enhancement for libraries and archives to simple and remarkably rapid noise control and audio processing for broadcast and mastering, CEDAR Cambridge is a 64-bit, high-resolution processing platform that offers a wide range of tools for all of your speech enhancement and audio restoration needs.

Completely modular, fully automated when desired, and capable of integration with today’s asset management systems, it can process up to 100 times faster than real-time (or more, depending upon hardware), can support multiple users, and can process huge bodies of material quickly and efficiently. The system will also integrate with MAM systems and can generate reports for every track that it processes so that the audio and its associated metadata can be added efficiently to users’ databases. CEDAR Cambridge is the system of choice for many of the world’s most important police and security forces, national sound archives and libraries as well as post production houses, CD and DVD mastering studios and broadcasters.