Cintel: iSharp4

Low Profile, Compact LPR Camera for Mobile & Fixed Applications



The iSharp4 is a low profile, compact ANPR / LPR camera for use in both mobile & fixed applications.  The unit is environmentally sound (IP68), power-friendly (<10W average power), and easy to install and deploy (single Cat5/6 cable).



  • Small, compact, dual-lens (infrared & color) LPR Camera
  • Single Cat5/6 cable installation
  • Low power consumption at <10W average
  • Multiple Infrared Wavelengths available (740nm / 850nm / 950nm)
  • Multiple lens options available (for color camera): 12mm, 16mm, 30mm, & 50mm
  • Outdoor rated (IP68)
  • EverSharp lens technology provides infinite depth of field / Sun Suppression
  • Full LPR Camera control via USB Telemetry
  • Shatterproof Window
  • Max Capture Speed: 120mph

Additional information

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Max Detection Speed

120 mph


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