MSI/Vigilant: LEARN

LPR Management System



LEARN transforms data into intelligence by providing simplified management of uses, hotlists, data sharing and more, while also providing a central data repository and analytic tools.  When enabled with Vigilant’s network of privately collected LPR data, LEARN provides previously unimaginable insights…and results.



  • Management of hotlists, users, and sharing
  • Gee-zones & crime location analysis
  • Full & partial license plate search
  • Suspect associate & common plate analysis
  • Access shared LE data & private data from NVLS national data sharing initiative
  • Enhanced Analytics:
    • Stakeout Feature:      Used to ID potential suspects & witnesses in pattern crimes & large criminal organizations based on common license plates across multiple locations
    • Query:                        Search for possible associates of known criminals based on license plates frequently seen in close proximity to the suspect
    • Geozones:                  Draw areas of interest on a map
    • Partial Plate Search:   Narrow-down targets by entering partial license plate info, while also helping to fill larger sets of data

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