Audiotel: Archway

Detect concealed devices, even if they are turned off!
The future in Intellectual Property theft protection -Uses advanced NLJD technology to detect concealed devices

  • Detects a wide range of electronic components& devices including: Mobile Phones, SIM Cards, USB Memory Sticks, Listening& Recording Devices or Cameras
  • Can be used as a conventional security-style archway, or for a discreet approach, supplied as a single panel
  • Features:
    • Identifies electronic devices even when they’re turned off
    • Easy to assemble& operate
    • Covers a wide range of transmission frequencies
    • Comes complete with operating software
  • Specifications:
    • # of Sensor Heads:
Weight 200.00 lbs
Dimensions 634.00 × 513.00 × 824.00 in
Available in colors