Audiotel: Scanlock M3

Protecting you and your intelligence
Designed to counter the latest in eaves-dropping technology

  • Able to Search& Locate Signals& Identify they type of signal being transmitted
  • Robust Design – Can be used for Desk Top or Mobile Applications
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Features:
    • Can be used remotely via Ethernet Connection to PC
    • Wide Frequency Range up to 10GHz (Advanced System)
    • Dedicated detection for worldwide mobile phone communication bands
    • Fast scan rate covers the whole spectrum in 0.5 seconds to detect even fast burst transmissions
    • Filtered detector channels increase the system’s performance
    • Displays range from simple on-screen warning to complex spectrum analysis
    • PC analysis software allows scan data to be stored& converted into sweep reports
  • Specifications:
    • Harmonic Receiver
      • Frequency Range:
Weight 4.70 lbs
Dimensions 10.63 × 6.70 × 3.15 in
Available in colors