Audiotel: Room Guard

Provides a fixed 24/7 solution for keeping your meeting rooms, office, & public areas safe from eavesdropping
Uses multi sensor technology to secure multiple locations from a central control point

  • Provides real-time protection from active devices as well as store& forward transmissions
  • Unit will carry out a reference check and then alert the user to any threats brought into the room
  • Developed to provide the ultimate protection, even when you’re not there
  • Compact design blends quietly into surroundings
  • Easily& effectively deployed with little training to users
  • Features:
    • Multiple sensors can be used to triangulate a suspicious signal
    • Integrated, dedicated sensors to optimize detection of suspicious signals
    • Facility to store scanned data for rapid review
    • Detection& analysis of RF analog& digital transmissions
    • Quick& Easy to deploy
    • Multi-layer software for different user abilities
  • Specifications:
    • Wide Band (Harmonic) Receiver
      • Frequency Range:
Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 11.82 × 11.82 in
Available in colors