Audiotel: DetectIV

Four ways to detect in one easy-to-use unit
Combines the advanced technology of broadband detection, harmonic receiving, NLJD, & metal detection



  • Outstanding Detection of a Broad Range of Threats
  • Very User Friendly: Specifically Designed for Non-Technical Users to conduct effective and thorough searches with minimum training
  • Features:
    • Weighs just 3.2kg
    • No technical knowledge needed for operation
    • Includes Broadband Detector, Harmonic Receiver, Non-Linear Junction Detector,& Metal Detector
    • Detects electronic devices when active, dormant, or switched off
    • Extendable search head reaches up to 1.4 meters
    • Audio& Visual alerts show presence of electronic devices& strength of signal being returned
    • Simultaneous sweep using all four detection methods cuts search time
    • Detects metal objects through up to 10cm of house brick or equivalent substrates
  • Specifications:
    • NLJD
      • Transmit Frequency:

Additional information

Weight 7.72 lbs
Dimensions 11.03 × 9.06 × 9.06 in
Available in colors