Audiotel: SB Range

Effectively locate concealed electronic devices
Lightweight, low cost NLJD, up to 10 W & with optional MD -2.4, 10, EOD with metal detector (MD)

  • Multiple Output Power Options Available: 2W, 4W, 10W
  • EOD Variant Available: Incorporates a metal detector for increased target detection& discrimination
  • Features:
    • Detects electronic devices when active, dormant, or switched off
    • Easy to use for quick deployment
    • Audio and/or visual warning of threats
    • Extendable search head reaches up to 1 meter
    • Proven output frequency for maximizing detection of modern threats
  • Specifications:
    • Transmit Frequency:
Weight 7.72 lbs
Dimensions 11.03 × 9.06 × 9.06 in
Available in colors