Audiotel: Artemis Advanced

Optimized for locating external ground targets (surfaced or buried)
Can also be used for internal searches of meeting rooms, offices, and public areas



  • Integrates both NLJD Technology& Metal Detection Capability
  • Fast, Accurate Discrimination between malicious& naturally occurring targets
  • Features:
    • Detects electronic devices when active, dormant, or switched off
    • High output power to increase detection& penetration into different substrates
    • Integrated metal detector for detection of screened electronic devices and buried monolithic metallic structure
    • Easy to use for quick deployment
    • Audio and/or visual warning of threats
    • Extendable search head reaches up to 1.4 meters
    • Uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques for accurate scanning
  • Specifications:
    • Transmit Frequency:

Additional information

Weight 10.90 lbs
Dimensions 31.50 × 12.60 × 3.75 in
Available in colors