Audiotel: Delta V Advanced

Detecting real-time RF listening devices
Compact, handheld differential RF wide band detector

  • Measuring the rate of change in field strength enables accurate pinpointing of local RF sources, quickly and efficiently
  • Designed to protect against real-time streaming from surveillance bugs
  • Detects& Locates surveillance bugs’ signals, then uses audio& visual alerts to guide you to their signal
  • Highly effective when searching rooms, venues, people,& objects
  • Features:
    • LED Display to indicate signal strength& location
    • Easy to operate
    • 150MHz to 15GHz Detection Range
    • Push-button sensitivity reduction to allow more accurate pinpointing of active transmitters
    • Geiger output to indicate signal strength& location
  • Specifications:
    • RF
      • Frequency:
Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 4.81 × 2.45 × 0.87 in
Available in colors